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Preventive Maintenance & Repair in Your Lab

Our preventive maintenance service includes a comprehensive system of care and documentation to ensure that the support equipment throughout the laboratory is operating at peak performance levels and that all the requirements of inspecting agencies are met and even exceeded.

Typically our PM service consists of quarterly or semi-annual visits that usually last for two or three days. During that time our uniformed service techs perform the maintenance steps recommended by the manufacturers for each piece of equipment following customized maintenance checklists. A label is applied to each instrument showing the date of inspection and due date for the next inspection. On-the-spot repairs can be made if desired by the lab manager.

Companion Services

In addition to our preventive maintenance services many lab managers take advantage of our three companion services.

Pipetter Certification Service

Our most popular companion service is pipetter certification. Our pipetter program includes on-site gravimetric analysis of dispense volume accuracy and precision. We apply water proof labels and provide a detailed report showing all the collected data and results calculations with pass / fail flags. If a pipetter fails any of our tests it is repaired, calibrated and retested on the spot.

Thermometer Certification Service

Our thermometer certification service is a convenient way for lab managers to document the performance of temperature measuring devices throughout the lab. We use NIST traceable instruments to verify the accuracy of each thermometer in the environment where it is used. Then we apply a water proof label showing the ID number, date and any corrections required. Finally we print a comprehensive report showing all devices and how they performed.

Timer Certification Service

Like our other companion services, we use NIST traceable instruments to measure the accuracy of any timing device in the lab. We apply labels showing ID numbers and date of certification then print a detailed report.