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Important Reasons to Call on Labcare for Your Service Needs

Peace of Mind 

Our suite of services gives lab managers the piece of mind knowing that when an inspector asks to see the records of instrument maintenance all they have to do is reach for the Labcare binder. Additionally the value of having support equipment that works properly is often overlooked. The laboratory staff has assigned duties that are their first priority. Interruptions in their daily schedule due to equipment failure or under performance reduce their productivity and costs money. But regular care and maintenance by Labcare professionals leads to early detection of problems and reduces unexpected downtime ensuring that the work flows smoothly.

Specialists in Laboratory Equipment Service 

You may have experience with some service providers that send technicians to your lab with little understanding of laboratory equipment or the laboratory environment. What sets us apart from other service providers is that we specialize in scientific equipment and we actually do the work and we do it well. We do the cleaning, take the temperature, we check the speed. 

Prompt, Reliable Service

At Labcare, we are committed to prompt and reliable service, customer satisfaction and quality service by fixing it right the first time. It is our goal to improve the condition of each piece of equipment with every service call and maintenance check. This in turn means cost savings and better productivity in the laboratory. So call on us, we'll be ready.